• Broadband LED UV 2016-05-11
    • Baldwin introduces Broadband LED UV - the ultimate LED UV technology for all printing applications

      Combining our 45 years of conventional UV application experience with the recent success in low energy curing to create the ultimate LED UV technology for all printing applications, Baldwin launches the new UVed™ Flex, an ultra-compact modular LED UV single and multi-frequency (Broadband UV) system suitable for Ink jet, Web, Flexo and Litho applications. The Broadband LED UV, which will be launched at DRUPA, allows conventional UV chemistries in many applications. A further development of the successful high power UVed™ is the new innovative and patented interchangeable UV lens technology, to ensure optimized pure UV performance at the ink/coating surface.

      Baldwin’s new multi-frequency LED UV system allows some conventional chemistry to be used without any modification, while the single frequency LED UV works perfectly with compatible LED inks and coatings now on the market. LED UV offers economic performance with minimal energy consumption, no heating of the substrate, high color definition, ability to print on any material, no need for powder spray, no set off worries, and enabling immediate processing.

      Baldwin have installed LED UV all over the world, including sheetfed installations in Japan, Germany and the UK, applying their considerable experience in low energy UV applications on commercial sheetfed presses to ensure that the technology is engineered to be absolutely optimized for easy installation, reliability and total performance. Other features of the UVed™ Flex include the ability to allow width switching for narrow substrates and incorporating Baldwin’s new unique UV edge impact technology.

      Pat Keogh, Baldwin's Vice President for UVIR, states that; "One of the many features of UVed™ Flex technology ensures that on a perfecting press, the front and back sides of the perfected sheet see exactly the same amount and intensity of UV light. This ensures no variation in front to back appearance, resulting from different UV exposure which occurs when a single UV head design is used in the very different physical locations of a perfector and the press delivery. The UV output is optimized by the UVed™ Flex control and interchangeable UV optics designed for each press location to maximize ink cure".

      The UVed™ Flex will be available at a choice of single or multiple wavelengths matching the UV chemistry requirements for low energy curing without compromising the cure and/or energy balance. With orders already in, deliveries of Baldwin’s UVed™ Flex LED UV technology start immediately after DRUPA 2016.

      Press Release in PDF: pdf_45

    • May 11, 2016