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    • COVERIS invests in Automatic Film Cylinder Cleaning from Baldwin - improving machine efficiency, quality and worker safety

      As a global company-highly focused on high quality packaging, COVERIS in Austria has chosen to invest in automatic Film Cylinder Cleaning FCC equipment from Baldwin. The equipment is designed and produced in the Baldwin manufacturing plant in Friedberg, Germany, where the Baldwin Cleaning Solutions unit is located.

      By the use of Automatic Film Cylinder Cleaning equipment, the film extrusion process does not have to be interrupted when the cylinders need to be cleaned. This improves the overall machine efficiency, quality of the end product and it keeps the production process stable with less waste. As no manual cleaning is required, this eliminates the risk of operator injuries and will benefit all companies that want to improve worker safety.

      Wolfgang Dietrich, Global Product Line Leader for Baldwin’s Cleaning technology: “We are extremely happy to be able to provide a solution that can both enhance the quality in the Film manufacturing process and, at the same time, improve worker safety. This is a major step forward for our Cleaning Solutions Product Line, where we have taken advantage of all the experience from our Cleaning systems, which in combination with new techniques allowed us to design a competitive Film Cylinder Cleaning equipment for demanding customers.

      As a leading international manufacturing company, Coveris is dedicated to providing solutions that enhance the safety, quality and convenience of products we use every day. In partnership with the most respected brands in the world, Coveris develops vital products that protect everything from the food we eat, to medical supplies, to the touch screen device in our pockets, contributing to the lives of millions every day.

      Coveris is an affiliated portfolio company of Sun Capital Partners, Inc. http://www.coveris.com

      Press Release in PDF: pdf_45

    • Feb 17, 2016