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    • Baldwin launches Spray Systems for Textile Finishing - to reduce chemical usage and energy

      At the ITMA Trade Show Baldwin launches new technology for the Textile Market by introducing our Spray Systems for textile finishing and impregnation. The system is designed to reduce the consumption of energy, water and the amount of chemistry that is used in the production process. With the Baldwin Spray Systems we can present significant opportunities for increasing production capacity and reducing cost.

      With a constant increasing demand for energy, water and chemistry savings, Baldwin launches the new Industrial Spray Systems for textile finishing and impregnation; a system that is designed to reduce the environmental footprint of the production. The technology has been available in the printing industry for more than 30 years where Baldwin is the world leader in supplying spray systems. Baldwin has now developed the technology to provide a system for the Textile market that now makes it ideal for applying chemistry to textile surfaces. 

      The benefits of the system, compared to traditional methods, are many. Some of the most significant are that the amount of chemistry and water that is applied can be substantially reduced. This not only saves on precious recourses, it will also reduce the amount of energy/area that is required to dry the textile after treatment. This will allow for significant energy savings and if the process allows for it, to increase the production speed. This in turn will free capital and can increase output. 

      A very interesting feature with the system is that it makes it possible to simultaneously apply different chemistries to the two sides of the textile. The system will also eliminate the difficulties of applying chemistry to a wet substrate as the system is of non-contact design.

      Per Stenflo, Vice President Product Line Spray, says: “The feedback we have from the market, confirms that the “green” profile of the Baldwin Spray Portfolio answers well to the trends in textile manufacturing. Our solutions will not only help companies reduce their environmental footprint, they will also present large opportunities for increasing production capacity and reduce chemistry use and energy that translate into substantial savings in production cost.”

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      For further information, please contact:

      Per Stenflo, Vice President Product Line Spray: per.stenflo@baldwintech.com, or +46 40 43 98 00

      Kristina Brink, Director Global Communications: kristina.brink@baldwintech.com, or +46 705909140

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    • Oct 31, 2015